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What is the effect on relationships with my communication agency?

Your agency continues to play its advisory role. Barter alters nothing in the quality of your media plan and they still manage as usual your cash budget.

How do my relations with media change with barter?

You strengthen your relationships with media because Barter solutions increase the volume of your business with them.

How do I qualify operations in my accounts ?

Barter takes place within a secure legal framework. Exchanges of goods or services or counterparts are cross-selling operations. Accounts are settled in exchange of other products or services rather than by a payment in cash. Invoices are issued for each operation. From the moment these invoices are sent, the tax and accounting protocols are the same as those used for traditional cash sales. The operation is recorded as a purchase for one of the parties and as a sale for the other party, in special “client arrears by compensation” or “supplier arrears” accounts. Herein lays the great advantage of this model: companies can invest without drawing on their treasury.

Does barter mean more workload for my teams ?

Quite the contrary! Barter by EFFICIO GROUP simplifies your operations. Our retailing and communication experts work hand in hand with your local teams and adapt to your processes. They take care of all the project management for your best interest.

My brand does not communicate in mainstream media, can EFFICIO GROUP do it for us ?

EFFICIO GROUP can develop impactful communications solutions for your brand thanks to its team of experts. We deploy game-changing communication campaigns in more than 20 countries built on powerful strategies, project management and media & communication buying. A tailor-made strategy will be presented to you after we receive your brief; and once you agree on the next steps, EFFICIO GROUP takes the lead on media and communication planning to support you to reach your goals, wherever you need.

What are EFFICIO GROUP’s commitments ?

We have many commitments that are guaranteed by transparency, quality and visibility on the use of your Barter Credit (also known as “trade credit”). Once the contract is signed, the resale and the communication strategy are agreed between you and EFFICIO GROUP. You know exactly how we will resell your products and what and when we will deliver you your communication counterparts.

What is the time limit to use my barter credit ?

It may be short term for a single service (your stock financing a seminar) or longer term (your stock financing an annual advertising and/or communication campaign). In each case the timelines are known to all when the parties commit and the contract is signed.

Where do my products go ?

EFFICIO GROUP takes all the precautions to guarantee the resale of your stock without the slightest risk for your usual distribution networks or your brand image:
  • – Sales and marketing constraints are considered.
  • – The organization between your head office, branches and distributors is taken into account.
  • – Resale is limited by geographic area, country and network quality.
  • – A strategy of confidential resale is deployed (stock is divided into insignificant quantities).
  • – Nothing is sold online without your express approval.

How EFFICIO GROUP earn their money ?

EFFICIO GROUP is paid on the purchase and resale of stock and on the exchanges of products and services with the media and communication partners.

How does barter co-exist with my media agency ?

EFFICIO GROUP adapts to the way you work. It can either work hand in hand with your media agency to implement Barter in your global media budget; or EFFICIO GROUP can build a media plan in Barter, in addition to the one financed in cash and co-developed with your communication department.

What interest do media agencies or other suppliers have in barter ?

Barter allows the brands to make additional investments and hence media agencies and other suppliers make additional business. Indeed, they can have new luxury brand as advertisers or have additional campaigns from brands that already advertised with them. EFFICIO GROUP becomes a privileged partner in their development.

Do I buy media space in barter at the best price ?

EFFICIO GROUP negotiates your advertising spaces and communication services based on your usual net cash purchase rates. If you haven’t bought this type of campaign before in a specific media yet for example, we guarantee you their best conditions.

What do I do if I have another company’s barter credit that I am not able to use ?

It may happen that another Barter company doesn’t know how to offer you suitable services payable in Barter credits (also known as “trade credit”). that you have. This can happen when the Barter company acquiring your stock doesn’t operate in the countries where you want to develop your media purchases for example or if they don’t have media or partners to answer to your strategy. In such cases, EFFICIO GROUP proposes you a Barter credit buy-back solution to set up a new operation which will meet your requirements in the various markets where you operate.

Why does EFFICIO GROUP buy my products at a higher price in barter ?

EFFICIO GROUP’s expertise is to provide communication plan in 1 or 10 countries for 1 deal. So, an end-of-line batch is exchanged for several communication campaigns in several countries. Exchanges are organized between each of these media and other communication partners. Advertising spaces and services are exchanged, for example, for hotel, seminars organization, which are paid in counterparts with crockery, advertising or bed linen and the latter is financed in turn, by packaging and gifts for their clients.

For further information on how we create added and unexpected added value for your company, contact us.