Our expertise

Your reputation is our business: we boost your visibility and turn your stocks into unexpected value.

EFFICIOGROUP provides you solutions built on secured and high quality networks while being fully adapted to your specific needs and your products stock.

Our retail strategies:

  • Take into account your resale instructions,
  • Protect your brand exposure,
  • Split quantities in several markets to stay under the radar,
  • Select the right locations and the right networks,
  • Deliver an additional turnover at an optimised rate.

We also make sure that our strategies do not impact or interfere with your mainstream selling policies: we unconditionally respect and protect your brand image.

You simply cannot imagine what asset your sleeping stock can represent.

EFFICIOGROUP retail offer

EFFICIOGROUP proposes to your brand a mix of several and diversified opportunities to sell your products to guarantee security and brand equity.

Private sales


Second hand

Corporate sales


Bargain sales

Internet sales

Case studies

Actions speak louder than words? For sure. Take a look at our several case studies and find out more on how we do business, how our clients benefit from expertise, and what you could achieve working with us. 

EFFICIOGROUP guarantees a total confidentiality to their clients: case studies remain anonymous.

A Swiss watchmaker wanted to reinforce its presence in China, to boost its sales in a competitive market.
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A prestigious French jewellery brand wanted to open the US market and establish itself as a major player in the area: a mission particularly ambitious due to fierce competition and...
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A French luxury perfume brand wanted to launch a new fragrance for women in some key markets.
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Perfumes & Cosmetics