Case study

Making "la vie en rose" in the French market

The demand

A cosmetics and skincare brand which have never communicated in France before wished to benefit from the approaching summer season to promote its latest innovation.

Key figures

opening a new market = creating unlimited opportunities

330 000€


429 000€

BARTER budget

Our solution

Financed thanks to its old products, the brand benefited from our bold online and offline campaign targeting the 25/45 women population.

Retailing characteristics

Stock location


distribution Channels

  • Online
  • Outlets
  • Private sales

Resale location

Africa, Israel, UK
Communication features

places of communication


Communication mix

  • Fashion Magazines
  • Mobile / Digital

EFFICIO GROUP played on the summer season to create true buzz with an advertising campaign in the fashion and beauty magazines allowing an omnipresence of the brand with the beauty addicts environment.
A digital campaign complemented this spectacular action with ultra-targeted video on smartphones, making its product the must-have of the summer season.