The unique International Group of Barter exclusively dedicated to luxury brands.

Our expert

Our experts, specialized in the global luxury market, are committed to driving your brand forward, anytime and anywhere. They strive to sustainably reinforce your brand image thanks to their unlimited talent and experience.

Maximilien Urso

CEO & Chief of Business Development and Retailing

I set out to invent a specific tailor-made Barter ecosystem for the world of luxury Maisons and premium brands.

Amélie Fourcadier

Media & Communication Director

More than a communication agency, EFFICIOGROUP is a real partner, putting forward all its creativity, expertise and savoir-faire in communication and marketing.

Benoît Marie

Chief Financial Officer

Corporate finance supports the definition of projects, provides relevant indicators absolutely necessary for the success of such entrepreneurship.


What is the time limit to use my barter credit ?

It may be short term for a single service (your stock financing a seminar) or longer term (your stock financing an annual advertising and/or communica...
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How does barter co-exist with my media agency ?

EFFICIO GROUP adapts to the way you work. It can either work hand in hand with your media agency to implement Barter in your global media budget; or EF...
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Does barter mean more workload for my teams ?

Quite the contrary! Barter by EFFICIO GROUP simplifies your operations. Our retailing and communication experts work hand in hand with your local teams...
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