Case study

Conquering a brand-new audience

The demand

A premium high-end watch brand asked us to promote their women’s collection (less famous than their men’s) and target a younger audience.

Key figures

Conquering a brand-new audience

600 000€



780 000€

BARTER budget

Our solution

EFFICIO GROUP offered a tailor-made campaign adapted to the target mixing relevant offline and online channels to convey a strong and relevant message. We capitalized on the brand’s collection close-out.

Retailing characteristics

Stock location


Distribution channels

  • Auctions
  • Private sales
  • Preowned boutiques

Resale location

Communication features

Places of communication

Europe and the US

Communication mix

  • Event sponsoring
  • Magazine
  • Newspapers
  • Digital (fashion websites)
  • Mobile campaign

The dissemination of the “female” creative target in the trendiest magazines and the most influent newspapers allowed the company to increase its exposure among a young, urban and female audience.
EFFICIOGROUP has not only reinforced the brand’s presence in its main markets, but also created a link between the brand and a famous event (highly identifiable by the target audience), with the sponsoring of the forum dedicated to women.
The brand also benefited from a digital and mobile campaign, including video and advertorial content, to develop its database and generate traffic on the online store.