Case study

creating a powerful pan-asia campaign

The demand

An international jewellery Maison sought EFFICIO GROUP’s expertise to connect with Chinese travellers during their tourism experience abroad to boost the sales in Europe and create brand awareness in China.

Key figures

creating a powerful pan-asia campaign

600 000€


780 000€

BARTER budget

Our solution

The brand is famous worldwide but doesn’t have a strong presence in Asia. We created opportunities for Chinese travellers before and during their stay in Europe, thanks to a relevant strategy. To finance this, we resold the company’s previous collections products in adapted locations.

Retailing characteristics

Stock location


distribution Channels

  • Online
  • Private sales
  • Corporate sales

Resale location

Communication features

Places of communication

China and Europe

Communication mix

  • OOH
  • Inflight
  • Mobile

EFFICIOGROUP mastered the art of driving the Chinese tourists towards the jewellery universe.
Big screen billboards in main Chinese and European airports, combined with attractive videos broadcasted during their flight allowed an impactful presence throughout their trip and consolidate the reputation.
In order to boost sales in shops and address this target audience especially during their trip, EFFICIOGROUP set up a mobile and innovative programme in several European cities.