Case Study

Introducing a new identity to the world, online

The demand

A fashion and accessories brand for men wanted to develop a 100% digital campaign to support the launch of its new boutique’s opening in China and its new brand identity.

Key figures

Introducing a new identity to the world, online

366 600€



476 580€

BARTER budget

Our solution

By exploiting the potential of the brand’s previous collection, EFFICIO GROUP created a 6-month online campaign targeting a younger, trendier and targeted audience.

Retailing characteristics

Stock location


distribution Channels

  • Private sales
  • Outlets
  • Online

Resale location

Scandinavia, Canada, Russia
Communication features

places of communication

US and Hong Kong

Communication mix

  • Mobile
  • Brand content
  • Photoshoot

EFFICIO GROUP delivered all its digital expertise to this fashion brand.
Thus, the brand disseminated content on relevant fashion websites and thanks to specific newsletters of influent magazines in China and in Europe.
A digital campaign using geo-tracking and strong targeting reinforced its branding campaign.