Case Study

Generating traffic via a drive-to-store campaign

The demand

A luxury fashion accessories brand wanted to increase their sales in their boutiques, retail stores and their online shop for the 2nd semester of the year.

Key figures

Generating traffic via a drive-to-store campaign

714 000€


928 200€

BARTER budget

Our solution

We supported the brand’s communication of 2016/2017 collection thanks to their 2010/2015 seasons stocks to generate traffic and collect a database alongside your targeted audience.

Retailing characteristics

Stock location

US and Canada


  • Private sales (60% maximum discount)
  • Outlets
  • Website

Resale location

Communication features

Campaign location

US and Europe

Communication mix

  • Newspapers
  • Local magazines
  • Airport OOH
  • Mobile digital
  • Gift with purchase
  • Media Drive to Store event

Thanks to an advertising campaign in the most influent newspapers in US and in Europe, EFFICIOGROUP built up the brand’s exposure at key moments of the year, thus making it reach more than 2.7 million people.

The brand’s retailers benefited from greater visibility with a campaign in local magazines and billboards in areas close to their points of sale and in the main American airports such as New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

The online and in-store sales took off thanks to an ultra-targeted digital campaign, especially built on geo-tracking criteria and the organization of VIP events in the boutiques, largely shared on social networks.