Case study

reinforcing brand awareness through an ambassador / celebrity

The demand

A Swiss high-end watch brand asked us to support their ambition to connect with their Chinese targets, in a market in search of justification and highly sensitive to celebrities.

Key figures

reinforcing brand awareness through an ambassador / celebrity

1 333 000€


1 732 900€

BARTER budget

Our solution

It is highly important to have strong local representation in Asia, especially in China. Finding a brand ambassador is truly an awareness accelerator. Therefore, we found the most relevant one to promote the brand’s values for the next three years without any cash only thanks to products exchange.

Retailing characteristics

Stock location


distribution Channels

Resale location

Middle East, Asia
Communication features

places of communication


Communication mix

  • Brand content
  • Magazine
  • Newspapers
  • OOH
  • PR and VIP Event
  • Photos and video shoot
  • Inflight

EFFICIOGROUP answered the brand’s wishes by signing a long-term partnership with a brand ambassador (in the 10 top most famous Chinese movie stars): a 3-year contract including photoshoots and presence during key event. We activated this exceptional partnership with an advertising campaign across the whole of China: magazines, newspapers, billboards in the main cities and airports, communication on board planes as well as VIP and PR events for the launch of the new campaign.