Case study

The sky is the limit: creating an international campaign

The demand

A famous watchmaker asked us to support their strategy to reinforce their brand at an international scale through a powerful campaign to promote on of their redesigned best seller models:

Key figures

The sky is the limit: creating an international campaign

6 600 000€



8 580 000€

BARTER budget

Our solution

Develop a sustainably strong presence in influential media, and introduce the brand to digital communication while boosting their social media strategy thanks to social media and influencers. To make this dream come true, we developed an adapted resale strategy founded on the company’s pay back collection from its worldwide retailer’s network.

Retailing characteristics

Stock location

Switzerland, US, China

distribution Channels

  • Auctions
  • Private sales
  • Preowned boutiques
  • Online
  • Outlets

Resale location

Asia, Europe, US
Communication features

places of communication


Communication mix

  • Magazine
  • Newspapers
  • OOH
  • Digital
  • Bloggers/Key Opinion Leaders
  • Event sponsoring
  • Gifts

Thanks to EFFICIOGROUP’s international network, the Swiss watchmaker benefited from omnipresence in the most popular magazines and the most influential newspapers.
Its brand awareness was reinforced by a campaign including urban billboards in its targeted perimeter and a digital programme was set up around the key opinion leaders to promote its products.
EFFICIOGROUP also allowed the brand to reactivate its community and reach a new public via event sponsoring in line with its values.
EFFICIOEVENT organized an incentive programme for its local sales team that generated a turnover multiplied by 2 during the period.